Medication which are safe in pregnancy

Medication which are safe in pregnancy

Headache/Backache/Bodyache/ Throatache Or Fever …..Tab. Paracetamol Or Crocin 650 mg Or                                                                                                                     Calpol ( Max 1-1-1 ) after meals.

If fever more than 100 F , cold sponging to reduce temperature .

If no relief, reach hospital.

Lower Abdominal Pain ….Tab. Cyclopam / Drotin ( Max 1-1-1 )

If No Relief within 30 minutes, Report To Hospital .

Nausea / Vomitting…………………Tab. Doxinate for Nausea. ( Max 1-1-1 ).

If No Relief …… …Tab ONDEM MD 4 Mg or 8 Mg Sublingually   For ( Max 1-1-1 )[/vc_column_text]

If No Relief in a hour … Report To Hospital.

Acidity …………… Tab Rantac 150 Mg / Pentadoc D Twice Daily  before meals , ENO or Syp. Digene 2 tbs                                   in case of burning in upper abdomen .

Cold / Cough ……. Syp. Koflet(Syp Alex Sf – If Blood Sugar High) 2 Tsp Thrice Daily + Steam Inhalation,                                     tab cetrizine 5 mg if severe sneezing or running nose .

IF NO RELIEF After 2-3 days of Medication, Consult A PHYSICIAN.

LOOSE MOTIONS………Take A Light Diet,Plenty Of Fluids,Curd And Avoid Milk.

Enterogermina respoule Twice A Daily For 3 Days.


If No Relief,Please Report To The Hospital/ physician .

CONSTIPATION……High Fiber Diet And Plenty Of Oral Fluids Fiberlact powder ( Isabgol husk ) 2 tsp at                                           bedtime with  a  glass of water .

In Addition,Syp Duphalac 30 ml at bedtime can also be taken .


If no relief , 2 tab dulcoflex can be taken orally .

Emergency-Conditions Where You Are Expected To Reach Hospital….

( Reach Hospital Labor Room / Emergency as mentioned in prescriptions )

  • Severe Abdominal Pain, Or Pain not relieved with Drotin / Cyclopalm.
  • Bleeding Per Vaginum ,
  • Decreased fetal movement .
  • Excessive Vomiting, fainting attacks with blackout .
  • High BP, Watery Leaking Per Vaginum- Immediately .
  • Duty Doctors Are On Duty in labour room ,24×7 (Including All Sunday’s And Holidays )They

Will Examine You, Inform me and Take Emergency Action and I will come if needed .Non Emergency Situation If You Want Some Queries,please Send a  whatsapp message with your prescription . It is difficult to give the best advice when u call as doctor may be preoccupied .

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