Hello! I am Dr. Shweta Mathur, gynaecologist and Obstetrician in Noida. I want everyone to understand if they have UTI and what best to do next. It is better to reach out to a doctor rather than jumping on to antibiotics every time u has pain down there. Many times patients have problem down there due to vaginal infections, rashes, ulcers which they assume to be due to UTI .
Urinary tract infection is so common that approximately 70% women have suffered from it sometimes in their lifetime. The typical complaint is having to rush to washroom every 10 to 30 minutes to pass little amount of urine with burning typically while completing the act.

If you experience such symptoms, increase your water intake to flush off the infection .As soon as possible, give a urine sample for urine routine (and culture preferably first sample in morning)

1. Clean the vulva (outside skin) with soap and water.
2. Uses a fresh urine container do not touch the inner walls of the cap or container. For urine culture, open the packed bottle from cover.
3. With one hand retract the labial skin folds, so that urine does not get contaminated with bacteria and pus cells from the skin.
4. Discard the initial urine. Collect the midstream sample.
5. The sample should be transported as soon as possible to the laboratory.

Important fact: Urine routine report comes faster, in few minutes / same day . It helps your doctor to confirm the diagnosis as well as the severity of infection and hence the need to start antibiotic .The severity guides as to use a higher antibiotic or not.
Avoid starting antibiotics as a first aid for UTI as it leads to development of antibiotic resistance and also kills the good friendly bacteria and lead to fungal infections later .Instead , u can take any urine alkaliser syrup with water in consultation with your doctor .
If you have 2 or more episodes of urinary tract infections in a year, it is referred as RECURRENT UTI.
U can discuss the factors which predispose u for it and ask your gynaecologist for remedial measures.

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