Early Pregnancy Tips

I, Dr. Shweta Mathur, practicing as Gynaecologist in Noida would like to help you in the early phase of your pregnancy with the best available advice from my side. Wish you all the best and a happy pregnancy!

Medical Treatment aspect
1. Start FOLIC ACID tablet (ideally 3 month preconception) to reduce chances of Neural tube (brain and spinal cord ) defets.

2. Ultrasound around 7 weeks to confirm dates and normal location of pregnancy and to check heartbeat. Earlier scan may be indicated in case of pain lower abdomen or bleeding.

3. Basic blood and urine tests .inform in case of any history of fever with or without rash or any medicine intake, X-ray exposure.

Common concerns
4. Foods to avoid Processed/junk/outside food ,Oily and spicy foods, excess salty and sugary food ,alcohol , tobacco ,cold drinks /juices / tea coffee, papaya pineapple ,unpasteurised/raw milk.

5. Weight gain: Pre-pregnancy BMI (underweight, healthy weight, overweight ,obese ) is used to calculate the best weight gain in pregnancy . Women who are underweight or have a healthy weight before pregnancy , are encouraged to gain around 11 to 15 kg in entire pregnancy ( mostly after 20 weeks ).Women who are overweight are allowed weight gain of 7 -10 kg and obese and diabetic women are encouraged to keep weight gain at around 5 kg only . To achieve this woman should have a active lifestyle and eat according to calorie and nutrient requirement.

6. 2000k calorie diet plan is given here for sedentary women with BMI 18-25:
• Early Morning (6:30 AM)- 1 Glass Coconut Water / 1 Glass butter milk + 1 Apple + 2 -3Walnuts and Raisins
• Breakfast (8:30 AM)- 1 Bowl porridge/ Oats / Cornflakes / Poha / Upma
Note- 100ml milk or 100g curd or20g Paneer can be consumed with any of the above breakfast options
• Post Breakfast (12:30 PM)- Fruits (Apple/Banana/Orange/Pomegranate)
• Lunch (1:00-2:00 PM)- 2-3 Chapattis / Rice 1 cup + 1 bowl dal + Green Leafy Vegetable + Salad + Curd / Butter Milk
Note: For non-vegetarians, cup dal can be substituted with 20g chicken or fish
• Evening (4:00-4:30)- 2 Boiled Eggs / 20g Paneer / 1 Bowl Sprouted Chaat
• Late Evening (6:00 PM)- 1 Glass Butter Milk / Milk + Fruits (Apple / Banana / Orange / Pomegranate)
• Dinner (8:00-8:30 pm)- 2-3 Chapattis / 1 Bowl Nutrela / Chicken (30g flesh) + Salad (Onion/ Tomato/ Cucumber)
• Post Dinner (10:30 PM)- 1 Apple + 1 Cup Milk + 4-5 Almonds + Walnuts

7. Additional requirement 2nd trimester ( 13-27 weeks ) + 360 kcal
3rd trimester (28 -40 weeks) +470 kcal
Lactation + 500 kcal

8. Nausea / morning sickness. Around 70% pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Mostly triggered by smell of particular food as this sense is highly sharpened during pregnancy . avoid strong smell or keep a scent u like to sniff .
Eat something like a dry biscuits/ bread butter /toast as soon as u get up.
Take simple food which is easy to digest and in small amounts every 2 hours.
Tablets like pyridoxine and doxylamine succinate which are completely safe in pregnancy are advised.
Ginger has antiemetic properties so can try ginger candy or ginger green tea .
Mishri (Sugar crystals) or Saunf (Fennel Seeds) can be used as a mouth freshener and can improve taste and stimulate digestion.
Acupressure at middle of wrist is also cited to relieve nausea.
Try to reduce your anxiety and stress by welkin, sleeping and meditation as it a normal part of early pregnancy and reduces by 13 weeks.
Soaked raisins or munakka (black raisins) also help to reduce nausea and improve appetite.
Stay hydrated: Chilled milk /ice chips /orange bar / lemonade/coconut water is generally well tolerated.
In extreme condition ORS can be taken. if extreme thirst or no urine for 6 hours , contact your gynaecologist for the best management using intravenous fluids / injection.

9. Nutrients and their Daily Recommendation:

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